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Fathers’ Rights

What Are A Fathers’ Rights When Parents Are Not Together?

Men are often afraid of losing the bond they enjoy with their children when divorce or separation breaks up a family. Other men wonder how to claim their right to nurture their children who came into being outside of marriage or cohabitation. These are valid concerns that are reflected in family law statutes and numerous court cases.

Even if laws say you have the right to pursue child custody and visitation (also known in Colorado as “parental responsibility”), understanding and asserting a father’s rights can be difficult without an attorney’s help. At the Law Offices of Shawn H. Smith, you will find empathy and direction as you pursue your rights to parent your child(ren).

A Consultation With A Family Law Attorney Can Light The Way For A Single Father

When you request a consultation at the Law Offices of Shawn H. Smith, you will find a listening ear as well as insights tailor-made for your circumstances. We can help you pursue the most efficient, effective and promising way forward through any of these uncharted paths in front of you:

  • Acknowledging paternity
  • Understanding laws and procedures through which to achieve fairness in child support calculations
  • Negotiating a reasonable parenting responsibility plan (child custody and visitation)
  • Asserting the right to make decisions about a child’s education, health care, religious upbringing or other foundations of child-rearing

Shawn H. Smith will represent you vigorously through a divorce or any other family law situation that may have an impact on your father-son or father-daughter relationship.

Rule One For Fathers: Never Give Up

Do not take “no” for an answer if your child’s mother or grandparents are trying to keep you away from your child unjustifiably. Also do not acquiesce to unreasonable demands in terms of child support or parenting time. Get legal counsel and devise a plan to protect your precious father’s rights.

To schedule a consultation, call 970-387-6858 or send an email inquiry. Your position as a father matters greatly, even if you are not a child’s biological father but have had a role in their upbringing.