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Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Think Of A Prenup As Marriage Insurance

Most people realize that marriage brings with it numerous legal and financial privileges. But what about the risks of marriage? In our culture, many people understand that the legal status of being married is not a guarantee that a marriage will last. The easy availability of no-fault divorce makes losing one’s life savings a real and sobering possibility if a marriage fails. Older couples, wealthy individuals and people with children from previous relationships are often extra interested in prenuptial agreements.

Even engaged couples who can’t fathom their marriages breaking up someday may see the value of transparency that a prenup can provide. To be valid, a premarital agreement must include full disclosure of assets by both spouses. A prenup typically spells out who would keep what in case of a divorce. It can also address mutual understandings such as what type of religious education a couple’s children will receive.

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What If You Are Already Married And Desire The Protection A Prenup Can Provide?

Married people have the same opportunity that engaged couples do to craft private contracts spelling out who would own which property if they ever get divorced.

A postnuptial agreement can solidify mutual decisions about asset ownership and other issues of great importance to either spouse. For example, one spouse may inherit a piece of real estate and propose using a postnup to clarify its potential fate before investing marital assets in its renovation and upkeep.

Married couples may use postnups to protect businesses, to set finances aside while working on reconciliation after a time of marriage troubles, or to prevent financial uncertainty in case of divorce.

Request A Consultation To Discuss The Steps Involved In Creating A Prenup Or Postnup

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