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Prepare For And Carry Out Your New Child’s Adoption Smoothly

Adoption is a story of hope and fulfillment for many families, but it is also a serious legal turning point. For intended parents, it is vitally important to overcome obstacles that can derail an adoption. Parents-to-be want and need reassurance that an adoption will meet all requirements so it will be irreversible.

If you are highly motivated and convinced that adoption is right for your family, then you have what it takes to get through the adoption process. Nonetheless, challenges along the way might test your patience and even your marriage. Getting sound legal counsel can make all the difference.

At the Law Offices of Shawn H. Smith, we are ready to guide you confidently through the steps to parenthood, including the following:

  • Filing necessary paperwork
  • Representing adopted parents at court hearings/appointments
  • Facilitating adoption involving private parties
  • Gaining access to a child’s health records and medical history

Shawn H. Smith Can Assist With The Adoption Process

Many adoptive parents in Colorado choose to go through an adoption agency. Within that agency, there are often several types of adoption paths to take:

  • Foster-to-adopt
  • Domestic adoption
  • Domestic infant adoption
  • International adoption
  • International infant adoption
  • Sibling adoption
  • Grandparent adoption
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Open adoption
  • Closed adoption

Adoption agencies walk hopeful parents through the necessary requirements. Depending on the protocols of the agency, the steps can include:

  • Adoption classes
  • Adoption orientation
  • Background checks
  • Medical checks
  • Parenting courses
  • Home studies
  • Meetings with social workers
  • Outreach to birth mothers

Most often, adoptive parents bring a child home and are required to wait several months for the adoption to become finalized. At some point in the process, an adoption attorney will be brought in to assist with the legal aspects of the adoption up until the day a judge makes it final. We can fill this role capably.

In other cases, would-be adoptive parents become aware of a child in need of adoption through private contacts. Private adoptions involve a series of legal procedures just as agency-assisted adoptions do. This is also true of stepparent adoptions. If a biological parent is not active in the child’s life but still alive, it will be necessary for a judge to terminate the parental rights of that absentee father or mother. An experienced attorney can facilitate these steps.

Whether you hope to adopt through an agency, adopt your stepchild or pursue another type of private adoption, we can handle the review, drafting and filing of all the necessary adoption paperwork. If you need representation in court, we will assist with that as well.

Take The Steps Necessary To Enlarge Your Family Through Adoption

Adoption will create new family relationships. We are ready to help, no matter which stage of the relationship-building you are in, such as the following:

  • The child you wish to adopt has not been born yet.
  • You have not met each other yet.
  • You are already parenting your stepchild, niece or grandchild.

Let the Law Offices of Shawn H. Smith help you achieve your goal of adoption with minimal delays and obstacles.

To learn how we can assist you, send a message to our Fort Collins office today. You can also call 970-387-6858 to speak with a caring, experienced family law attorney and set up an initial consultation.