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Reasons for requesting a custody modification in Colorado

On Behalf of | May 6, 2018 | Child Custody

When you have a child and you are sharing custody with the other parent, change is unavoidable. Custody plans are in place to protect your child and give them the best upbringing possible. Therefore, when situations change, it means that the child custody plan may need to change, too.

As a parent who is considering requesting a child custody modification, you may wonder if the effort is necessary, or whether you even have a valid reason for requesting a modification. If you believe that a change in the current child custody plan will benefit your child because of certain changes that have occurred, then it is likely that your reasoning will be valued by the courts. The following are some of the most common reasons why child custody agreements are modified.

The child is in danger

If you believe that your child is a risk or in danger in the other parent’s care, it is vital that you take emergency action. The courts will conduct an investigation into the nature of the danger you have brought to light, the immediacy of it and how the child in question feels about visiting the other parent’s home.

One parent is deciding to relocate

If a parent wishes to relocate to a place that will affect the way that custody currently functions, a child custody modification request should be made. This will involve the child custody courts considering the parent’s reason for relocating, the impact that this will have on practical aspects and child care, and how the child’s life will be affected and interrupted by the proposed changes.

When the other parent is violating the current arrangement

If the other parent is not cooperating with the current agreement, it will be necessary for a modification to take place so that the plan can be enforced. The court will then ask for reasons why the plan was not followed and make a modification based on the circumstances and on the relationship between the two parents.

If you are considering filing for a child custody modification in Colorado, it is best to start the process as soon as you recognize that it is necessary.