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The paramount importance of parenting plans

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | Parenting Time

When parents decide to divorce, their choices, particularly regarding their children, will set the tone for what admittedly can be an unknown future. A carefully well-planned pact is paramount during what can be an uncertain future for children.

Attention to all the detail is vital for success. Anticipating any level of conflict can shield children from future fights and serious quarrels that affect offspring. It brings certainty during uncertain times.

Not set in stone

A vital part of the final divorce documents, the parenting plan is a living document not necessarily set in stone. Change is accounted for, provided that both parents can agree. It is a recognition that, as children grow, their needs and circumstances will change. Revisions are a necessary step as time goes on.

Parenting plans have evolved over time. It was once a document focused on child custody and the authority to make decisions that are in their children’s best interests. The simplicity often fell short of the nuance necessary to account for the early days of divorce, when parents still had not entirely resolved their conflicts.

Regardless of where parents are in the divorce process, the conflict inherent in marital dissolution impacts children. While many parents believe they are shielding their kids from dysfunction, the stress of a life-changing event will still bleed into their daily lives. They are far more smart than warring spouses can imagine.

Parenting plans that carry an undercurrent of cooperation will not stop disagreements. However, they can prevent battles that may enter the courtroom. The process requires parents to partner with each other, hash out those issues, and tailor the agreement to the needs of everyone impacted by divorce.