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Does a gray divorce need to be complex?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | Divorce

A divorce could happen at any point in a marriage, even when a couple enters several decades of the union. The so-called “gray divorce” involves couples over the age of 50, and the dissolution might come with some challenges. With legal representation, Colorado couples filing for a gray divorce might better overcome potential obstacles.

Complications with gray divorces

A marriage may fall apart even after many years due to several reasons. Empty-nest syndrome, financial disagreements, retirement planning differences and more could all lead to a long marriage collapsing. Spouses may find the idea of divorce simultaneously unavoidable and daunting. Spouses might rely heavily on one another for various responsibilities, but after divorcing, the two could end up on their own.

One partner may find a specific amount of spousal support vital for the transition into single status. New essential expenses, such as insurance and health care costs, might require maintenance. The other spouse may find keeping the home or business vital. Working toward an amicable settlement can make a problematic scenario less challenging, but unfortunately, the two parties might disagree on the final settlement terms.

Mediation could provide a solution to a gray divorce impasse. A mediator could listen to both parties and seek to advise both on a settlement agreement. During mediation, discussions about a post-marriage budget could arise, and the mediator may provide helpful insights on how to address budget matters. Mediators, however, do not provide final, binding agreements. Such agreements would take place in a courtroom.

Mediation and successful negotiations

Whether working with a mediator or an attorney, spouses may find that coming to a mutually beneficial agreement is the preferred option. Long, bitter court battles may end up costing significant sums of money. The amount of time required to address a contested divorce might not be something both older spouses find beneficial, and the excessive stress from a contested divorce could even cause physical and mental health concerns.

A divorce attorney may discuss settlement issues with older spouses seeking a divorce. The attorney might provide advice on mediation steps and other concerns to help the process go smoothly.