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Custody & Visitation Advice

  1. Do not speak poorly about your child’s other parent. You and the other parent are splitting up – not the child.
  2. Reassure your child that (s)he will always get to love both parents.
  3. Make sure your child understands that your separation was not caused by anything the child said or did.
  4. Listen to your child.
  5. Remember – child support is for your child. Do not view it as money paid for the other parent. If you receive child support, use it wisely to care for your children. You are both responsible to support your children.
  6. Do not share any information or display negative emotions relating to any conflict you may have with the other parent. Kids don’t need to know about the adult issues.
  7. Take your time with other relationships. Do not introduce your children to all of your dates. Wait to introduce the children to ‘new’ relationships until you are confident that the person will be around for a while.
  8. Remember – your child is grieving the loss of the parents’ relationship, too. Be patient with your children.
  9. Be on time for exchanges. Your child can’t wait to see you!
  10. Be courteous and respectful to your child’s other parent during exchanges. Your child loves both of you. Don’t make exchanges a stressful event for your child.
  11. Share information about your child with the other parent – so they can support your child’s interests, too.

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